Tom McLean is a Scottish Voiceover Artist, specialising in voicing children’s stories.


He records and produces spoken word audio tracks for audiobooks, advertisements, games, animation, live-action video, TVR systems, apps, e-learning materials, training materials, and any media which requires or would benefit from the voice of a real person.

His extensive training and working background in UK theatre, in particular that which is aimed at children of UK primary school age, has developed his vocal dexterity and skill as a storyteller and has led to his specialisation in media developed for childrens’ learning and entertainment.

Though his native accent is Glaswegian, he uses neutral British and American accents for most of his work and regularly employs more regional and international accents depending on each individual project’s requirements.


Tom’s clients choose to work with him because of the quality of his production and the flexibility of his voice. They return for his reliability, honesty and commitment to exceeding their expectations.

He generally offers unlimited revisions for pace, tone and pronunciation, only adding extra charges for alterations in text or artistic direction.


If you’d like to discuss working with Tom please get in touch via the contact form on the site outlining the details of your project for a no-obligation quote; alternatively please feel free to hire him via Upwork – a secure 3rd party freelancer platform.

He is more than happy to create bespoke samples for individual projects free of charge – if you’ve got a particlar tone or accent in mind just let him know, send over some of your text and he’ll create a fully edited and mastered sample so you can hear exactly how your finished project will sound before any contractual commitment.

Click play to hear Tom’s composite voice reel